How To Tell If A Job Candidate Is Lying On Their Resume: 4 Tips

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team
It’s no secret that some job candidates play up their past experience to sound more experienced or well-rounded. It’s also known that some candidates outright lie on their resume.Would you know how to spot a false resume if it came across your desk? Here are four easy ways to find out if a candidate is telling the truth or crafting a lie.

Perform a standard background check.

Check the candidate’s work history, dates of employment and past residences. Make note of any unrecorded gaps in employment or exaggerations of past experience.

Check references and dates of employment.

Call references to verify that the candidate’s job history is accurate. If you’re unsure of a specific company on the candidate’s resume, search the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau websites to verify its existence. One red flag could be long periods of self-employment.

Put the job candidate to the test.

Administer a pre-employment screening exam to test a candidate’s honesty. If the candidate lies on the exam, chances are they've lied on their resume as well.

You can also use pre-employment exams to test the skills a candidate lists on their resume.

Trust your gut.

If you notice a job candidate avoiding eye contact, fidgeting, or crafting elaborate employment tales during their interview, you're likely dealing with someone with false resume. Watch for inconsistencies in their answers to verify that they have indeed lied.

Be sure to verify any inconsistencies on a candidate’s resume to avoid making a bad hire.

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