Keeping Candidates Warm Through Email

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Communicating with candidates via email or SMS is more important than ever. If done right, you keep candidates warm and in turn, increase the chances of acquiring top talent, and keeping them in your pipeline. The best candidate emails keep them informed and engaged through a blend of personalized messaging, resources, and strong employer branding.

What to consider in your candidate communication strategy:

Be Prompt

According to a recent CareerBuilder study, 53 percent of candidates want an employer to list how they plan to communicate with them as part of the job description. That means they want to know exactly what to expect from your interview process even before they apply to your job.

Sending an automated email after a candidate submits an application is only the first step to creating an engaging candidate experience. Research shows that candidates will only wait up to two weeks without correspondence before calling your job opportunity a “lost cause.” If your interview process is moving too slowly, you risk losing candidates to the infamous “black hole,” or even worse -- to a competitor.

When communicating with candidates, make sure they stay as informed as you are on where they stand in the hiring process. If your company decides to move forward with an interview, get them scheduled as soon as you have timelines in place. If a candidate is rejected, make sure you don’t leave them in the dark. According to CareerArc, candidates who never hear back from a company are three times more likely to not apply to your company again in the future -- something that could potentially impact your talent pool later on down the line.

Get Personal with Candidates

Creating an optimal candidate experience starts with customization. When crafting emails or texts, consider the different needs a candidate may have as they move through your interview process, and what information would benefit them most at each step.

Below are some email tips for connecting with candidates at different phases of the interview process.

Showcase Your Employer Brand

According to the CareerArc study, 91 percent of candidates look for resources on organizations they’re applying for during their job search. But recruitment marketing simply does not end after a candidate submits their application. Keep your candidates engaged and excited by showing them what it’s truly like to work for your organization by including resources like:

  • A company intro video showcasing your company culture
  • Recent company news and updates
  • Links to your career portal where candidates can check out other job openings
  • An invitation to connect with your organization on social media

Educate Your Candidates

Candidates want to feel prepared and be able to present themselves in the best way they can. The best way to help them is to make sure they’re in the know about what to expect before they walk in for their interview. After setting a time with candidates, make sure you’re giving them resources like:

  • Who they’ll be interviewing with
  • What, if any, materials they’ll need to bring
  • Where your office is located (don’t make them Google it)

Make Interviewing Easier

Speed up the hiring process by incorporating self-scheduling and digital interviewing into your interview strategy.

Scheduling Software

Scheduling software allows candidates to book interviews on their own time by self-selecting designated slots that work for them. Booking links can be sent directly to a candidate, throughout every step of the hiring process. This reduces the amount of email correspondence needed to get each interview round on the books.

Digital Interviewing

Digital interviewing allows recruiters to set up a series of On-Demand interview questions that can be sent directly to a candidate via email or text. This allows candidates to take their digital interview on their own time, speeding up the screening process and keeping the flow of candidates moving faster.

Both digital interviewing and self-scheduling can be great tools to incorporate into your hiring strategy to help connect and engage with candidates directly through email and text, while also providing other resources recruiters may not be able to deliver over the phone.

Communicate Often

Research shows that more than 60 percent of candidates are applying for other jobs while going through your interview process. In order to make sure you’re keeping candidates invested and remain competitive, make sure you’re updating candidates on the status of their application on a regular basis.

Organizations can also use these regular email or text check-ins to schedule next-round interviews, or ask candidates for feedback through a poll or survey. Regular check-ins also help recruiters gauge which candidates are still invested in an opportunity, and who may have dropped out of their pipeline.

When communicating with candidates, it’s important to provide a simple and engaging experience that will leave them feeling confident about your interview process. With the right messaging, you can keep your candidates feeling inspired and excited about your opportunities long after they’ve applied.

Convey for Communication allows you to customize your email or text messaging in a way that engages with candidates depending on where they are in the interview process, or what type of job they’re applying for. Click here to learn more about how Convey can help you improve your candidate experience.

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