Job Posting Sites: How To Maximize Paid Job Listings

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Guest Post by MightyRecruiter

Free job postings just don’t make the grade these days. Recruiters are scrambling to appeal to job seekers in a tight hiring market as unemployment drops. Google’s entrance into the recruitment space has also changed the game with exclusive partnerships they’ve made with some job boards to rank paid posts higher than free posts.

Put it all together and you have a pretty good argument for beefing up your recruiting budget to include more paid job postings.

Some recruiters and hiring managers may ask: “Is this really necessary?” The answer is yes. Here’s a quick breakdown of the advantages paid job postings provide:

Paid sites can help with hard-to-fill roles

Paid job postings are the way to go when you've set your sights on top talent. Whether it’s a hard-to-find skill set, or a role that’s in high demand, using a niche paid job board to find the right candidate is usually the right move. Look for industry-specific sites that will cater to the kind of candidates you need.

They want to keep you as a customer

Job boards have an obligation to produce results when you pay to get your job posted. If they can’t get you the candidates you desire, they risk losing you as a customer. This often means they’ll provide more advertising or marketing to promote your listing and boost your exposure.

Pay, and your post won’t decay

Free job postings tend to move quickly down in the rankings as more and more jobs are added to a job board. This is called time decay, and it's a serious issue for recruiters who use free job posting sites. While free listings can descend through search rankings rapidly, sponsored job listings typically stay up in the top search rankings — a promise for the payment.

More control over the look and feel of job posts

Paid job posting sites typically allow employers more freedom to control the look and content of job postings. Whether you want a custom application process, or have specific ideas about the ad itself, paid job boards are less likely to make your ad conform to their standards.

“Paid” does have to mean “expensive”

With CPA (cost-per-applicant) and CPC (cost-per-click) options available, recruiters and hiring managers can keep tabs how much they spend. You decide the budget cap for each role, and pay after you’ve found the right candidate. CPC and CPA job boards have also been found to deliver better results than flat rate job posting sites.

If you want to remain competitive and fill your open roles with top talent, investing in paid job postings is the best place to start.

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