5 Creative Job Description Examples From Top Companies

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Putting together requirements, facts and perks for a job description takes creativity and attention to detail. But that doesn’t make it an easy task.

If you need a little motivation, take a look at how these top companies are taking their job reqs to the next level, serving up their employer brand with engaging titles, attention-grabbing career pages, videos and more. 

What’s My Job Title, Again?

Want an eye-catching job description? Start with a strong title. That’s exactly what Chewy did with their “Time Ninja” job req.

So, what is a Time Ninja, exactly? That’s exactly what we asked when we stumbled on this posting -- and exactly why it works for Chewy’s employer brand. An engaging job title (whether it’s silly, or serious) will keep candidates curious about learning more about your opportunity, while also showing off who you are as an organization.

And to answer the question: a “Time Ninja” is another name for a Time/Attendance Human Resources Coordinator -- one with several years of experience and who knows how to handle their payroll software system.

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Conveying Company Culture

If you want to attract a certain type of candidate, sometimes you have to get creative. Drift ditched the suit-and-tie vernacular and took a more conversational approach in their recent Account Executive post, listing their successes and asking candidates if they’re ready to “crush it” at their company.

"I want people to be excited from the first interaction, and in many cases, that’s through a job posting.”

Our Director of Sales, Jason Miller, took the same approach when writing up our current Account Executive job opening.

"I just wanted people to know there is a real person, a real company, and real culture behind the post, and try to have some of that shine through,” Miller said. “Yes, people are signing up for a job -- but the real buy-in should be about the company and team they join. I want people to be excited from the first interaction, and in many cases, that’s through a job posting.”

Uber And Lyft Keep It Focused

Uber and Lyft have created entire career pages dedicated to their most important employees - their drivers. Both career pages describe company benefits, breakdowns of potential revenue, and company perks -- all displayed in colorful, easy-to-read formats that fit with their respective brands.

Apple’s Secret Job Search

In Summer 2017, Apple made headlines after a reporter stumbled on a secret job listing while analyzing iPhone data. This is a tactic some tech companies (like Google) will use to identify developers or engineers with specific skill sets needed for a particular job. This could be a great way to focus your candidate pool if your job opening demands it -- but make sure you’re willing to wait if that purple unicorn doesn’t find it immediately.

Video Killed The Job Req Star

Video can be a great way for organizations to show potential job seekers what it’s truly like to work for their company. As ERE reports, police departments across the country have shined in this category, taking their recruitment videos to creative (and often hilarious) new heights. One of the more notable videos comes from the Huntsville Police Department, of Alabama, which features a dinosaur (yes, a dinosaur) taking their police exam. As silly as it looks, it's actually a great glimpse into what the exam is really like, and what applicants can expect out of the process. Check out the video below and see for yourself: 

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