7 Reasons To Use Digital Interviewing For Intern Recruiting

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

How can you sort through resumes and cover letters during your intern recruiting process? The answer is simple: use digital interviewing.

Here's seven ways you can use digital interviewing to help evaluate and retain top talent during campus recruitment season:

Find A Winning Personality

Even job candidates with years of experience struggle to convey personality in their cover letter or resume. For entry-level interns, this task can be especially daunting. Digital interviewing helps recruiters evaluate traits like communication skills, enthusiasm and cultural fit by letting candidates show their personality beyond what's written on their resume before they're invited to an in-person interview.

Sort Through The Mumbo-Jumbo

Students will typically apply for a variety of different internship positions as they define their career goals. Ask candidates to complete a short digital interview detailing what they want out of an internship and how their past internship, extracurriculars, or class experience fits with your organization to determine if your opportunity is a good match.

They’re Used To It

Millennials know a thing or two about getting in front of a camera for that perfect “selfie” for their social media channels. Using digital interviewing will feel like second nature for a generation comfortable with using a webcam or video camera to post videos online.

Eliminate Unnecessary Travel Costs

Interns look for opportunities anywhere and everywhere. Cut down on unnecessary travel costs and expand your reach through digital interviews instead of your typical career fair tour.

So Many Interns, Too Little Time

Interns pounce on any opportunity to move ahead. Instead of calling all possible candidates in for an interview, send out your top interview questions ahead of time with digital interviewing. Like a candidate’s response? Then it’s time to move forward with an in-person interview.

Catch Warning Signs Early

A bad intern can really be a drag. With digital interviewing, you can spot warning signs early. Are they self-centered? Lack enthusiasm? Not a cultural fit? A great intern will be enthusiastic and willing to learn, so concentrate on finding those candidates instead.

 Gauge What Internship Is Best

Organizations often offer internships in various departments or roles. An intern may apply to one position thinking it’s the best fit for them, but as an employer, you’re used to evaluating where skills are required. With digital interviewing, you can better determine what an intern wants from their experience and match their skills to a relevant position.

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