Improve the Interview Process for Employers with Video Interviewing

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

How might the interview process be improved?

There’s no denying that the HR role has dramatically shifted in recent years. In the past, the constraints of limited technology forced recruiters to manualize the entire recruitment process. Now—thanks to streamlined and automated tech solutions—HR professionals can focus more of their time on building quality interview process experiences  that are effective for both job candidates and employers.
One such technology allowing for this kind of shift in function is video interview technology. Not to be confused with free consumer software services like Google Chat or Skype, video interview software is a holistic approach to conducting interviews, and is built specifically to satisfy all demands of the interview process from start to end.

How does video interview software work?

Video interview software is built specifically with the candidate recruitment process is mind, from first contact to final hire. Most of these interview softwares are cloud-based web applications from which employers can log in, view candidate interviews, and utilize various interviewing software features such as interview customization, note sharing, candidate evaluations, and dashboard analytics.
There are 2 primary types of interview styles that employers can conduct through video interviewing software:

One-way video interviews (Asynchronous interviews)

The hiring manager details a list of questions via the software and disseminates to all prospective candidates. In turn, each candidate can open the link and respond to each question via their camera (mobile, tablet, or desktop). Employers may set a deadline as to when each candidate must submit their recorded responses by. They may allow a certain amount of do-overs per question, and may build in a timer for each question as well.
The asynchronous interview format is great for pre-screening, as it allows you to more fully understand your candidate pool from their video responses, and not just by their resume bullet points on a sheet of paper.

Live video interviews

The other primary video format is the synchronous, or live video interview platform. While this setup is similar to how you might conduct an interview over Skype or Google Chat, there’s one key difference: since video interviewing software is built specifically for recruitment, there should be a whole host of additional useful features for recruiters at play. For instance, some interview softwares incorporate use of a whiteboard for drawing/writing by either the candidate or hiring manager. Other tools include interview recording, automated post-interview evaluation forms, and ATS integration.

Ensuring an effective interview process

The growth and popularity of video interviewing software in recent years can be attributed to a slew of benefits for both recruiters and candidates. Here are 4 major benefits of using video interview software:

Reduced cost & time to hire

Video interviewing software allows for candidates to record and submit their interviews whenever they want (within the employer’s stated deadline). For the employer, this eliminates any opportunity cost that may have otherwise been spent on things like manual screening, coordinating, navigating logistics, and gathering additional resources. Across the board, companies employing video interview software have seen cost-to-hire rates improve significantly. Our own clients have seen a 64% improvement in their time-to-hire rates as well.

Better candidate and employer experience

Video interview software makes the entire recruitment process convenient and efficient for both candidate and employer. For one, schedules no longer need to align and the interview can still take place, with the candidate submitting their answers to your questions on their own time via desktop computer or mobile device. This provides for a smoother candidate experience, and ultimately satisfaction with the interview process. On the employer side, you can get a much better gauge of a candidate by video compared to their resume and cover letter only; this may help you better select who you want to conduct final face-to-face interviews with when the time comes.

Opportunity to reach international candidates

Video interview software eliminates any physical barriers to international recruitment, and it does so in both cost/time-effective ways. More than ever in the age of globalization is it important to consider opening up your search beyond limited borders. Video interviewing software allows you to do that seamlessly.  

Ability to refer to past video interviews

Humans are human, and therefore prone to faulty memories. For recruiters, juggling 10 candidates for 5 different open positions each is no easy task—you’re prone to forget some things specific to each candidate. Having video interviews stored in the your web-based cloud allows you to reference them throughout the entire recruitment process whenever the need may arise.

Make your interview process the best with video interview solutions

Convey for Interviewing is an all-in-one video interview software solution designed to improve the recruitment process by allowing candidates to answer your questions when, where, and even how (mobile, tablet, or desktop) they want. This allows you to open up your candidate pool while at the same time reducing your cost and time to hire the perfect candidate.
Other features of Convey’s Video Interviewing platform include:

  • personalized intro videos to showcase your employer brand
  • pre-set interview questions aimed at specific job roles
  • customized time limits for each question
  • interviews include the option for live demonstrations, quizzes, or projects
  • ability to leave and share notes for each video interview with team members
  • interview analytics to improve and optimize your recruitment process

At the end of the day, the goal is to hire the best possible candidate, while paying mind to both time and cost efficiency. Our solution is allowing more and more companies to do just that. Give your free demo of Convey’s video interviewing software today.

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