How Your Recruitment Strategies Impact Your Company

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

When it comes to recruitment, we have to make many decisions. Who do we bring in for an interview? Who do we hire? How do we tell people that they aren't moving on to the next step of the hiring process? We have to make these decisions quickly, and we don't always think about the consequences of our actions (or inactions.) Today we wanted to shed light on your recruiting strategies and why they make a more significant impact than you think.

Your Recruitment Strategies Are Not Considered In A Vacuum

The truth is, your recruitment strategies aren’t considered in a vacuum. As long as you are recruiting for your company, you are seen as affiliated with that company. You are the spokesperson for your company in the eyes of your applicants. Are you aligning with your company values when you speak and deal with applicants?

We talk about brand values often when it comes to what we look for in employees. The next important step to defining brand values are living those values. Are you taking the values you set up to heart? Can your applicants tell that you do?

58% Of Applicants Are Less Likely To Buy From Your Company If They Don’t Get A Response To Their Application

According to a study done in 2015 by CareerBuilder, your applicants are judging your company by the experiences they’ve had with your application process.

  • 58% of applicants are less likely to buy if they didn’t get a response to the application.

  • 69% of applicants are less likely to buy if they have a horrible experience during the interview.

  • 65% of applicants are less likely to buy if they didn’t hear back after an interview.

Depending on the kind of company you are, this might not make much of a difference to you. Your applicants may not necessarily be your ideal customers. For many, especially those in retail, your customers align perfectly with your applicants, and this is where you can get into trouble.

This study goes on to mention that when people have a positive experience with your company they can be significantly more likely to purchase from your company. You can create these positive experiences by treating candidates with the respect they deserve and keeping the lines of communication open with candidates.

You Could Be Giving Your Company A Bad Name

From the information we have discussed so far it’s easy to think that you could be giving your company a bad name.

We have all heard that bad news travels faster than good news. People love to share their good news with friends and family, but people are much more vocal about the bad things that happen to them. We live in a world where micro influence is powerful. You don't need a huge platform to make a difference anymore.

You need to be aware that your application process is more than just an application process. It’s a reflection of how your company operates. Are you sending the right message to potential employees?

Create A System For Communicating With Applicants

Finding the right applicants takes time, and we know that you don't need another task on your to-do list. While communicating with applicants is an important task, it doesn't have to be complicated. You can quickly create a system for communicating with applicants so that your candidates stay up to date without spending hours of your day sending and receiving emails.

Creating a system will help you contact candidates without wasting tons of time. Communication is key to hiring the best employees, but it shouldn’t be a burden on your company.

Treat Your Applicants How You’d Like To Be Treated

Last but not least, treat your applicants how you’d like to be treated. It all comes down to treating your applicants with the respect they deserve. Searching for a job at a company you love is challenging. Your job is to make this process as easy as possible for your applicants.

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