How To Showcase Your Brand Values During The Applicant Journey

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If you want to attract the best talent, they need to align with your company. The problem is, when you are getting started, it can be hard to determine what that alignment looks like. Even if you are a well-established brand, you can still have problems finding the right people to join your team.

Values-Based Recruiting

One useful way to recruit better people is to focus on values-based recruiting. With values-based recruiting, you hire people who embody and live the values you have set for your brand. If you value customer service or boldness, you will want to recruit employees who have those same values.

Values-based recruiting starts at the beginning of the applicant journey, from the first interaction the candidate has with you, and onward.

Define Your Brand Values

Before you can showcase your values, you need to define them. You may already have a few ideas floating around in your mind, but you should sit down and create concrete values. These may change as your company grows. Even if you have defined your brand values in the past, if it’s been a while, you should revisit them to make sure they reflect your company today.

This article from the Buffer blog explains how to create your company’s values from scratch. It’s a great read with many exercises you can use if you haven’t defined your brand values yet. Here are some examples of other brands and the values they have decided on.

Communicate Your Values Everywhere Your Candidates Might See Them

Now that you have your values defined, one of the easiest things you can do is update your website. Specifically, you should update your career page where candidates go to see if you are hiring. You should also update pages such as your “About Us” page and any other pages you send potential candidates.

Another great place to add your values is throughout your job descriptions. Make your values known to candidates who may not know much about your company. If you list your vacancies on job boards where people don't need to have a real understanding of your brand to apply, this step is crucial.

Be Open About How Your Brand Values Impact Your Company During The Hiring Process

During the hiring process, you should be living your brand values as you communicate with potential candidates. Especially as candidates move higher up in the application process, you should be sharing your brand values with them. Make sure applicants know what your company values, so they can make the right decision in moving forward with your company.

Ask Questions During The Interview Process That Relate To Your Values

One of the best ways to express your brand values is through the interview process. You can ask specific questions that help you understand your candidates and how they align with your brand values.

Check out this guide for inspiration on how to conduct a value based interview.

If you want to do a more hands-on interview, your brand values can also help you pick the best candidates. For example, if you value hard work, you could have your candidates complete a group task to see which candidates stand out and rise to the occasion.

Hire The Best People That Understand And Appreciate Your Values

Values are more than just a statement. They are a way of life. Your company employees need to embody your values, or you won't be living up to them. Once you understand which candidates best live your values, you need to hire those people if possible.

Culture fit will become much more helpful for your company over someone with one or two more years of experience. If the person fits the company you are trying to build, and they have enough experience/education, hire them!

Think of your employees like a sports team. You could be the most amazing person in your sport, but if you don't fit the culture of your team, it can cause significant problems. You want all your employees to have similar values while working toward making your company a success.

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