How Much Communication Is Too Much Communication?

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

At ConveyIQ, we talk a lot about applicant communication. We think that most employers don’t communicate with applicants enough, which leaves your potential employees feeling ghosted. What happens when you communicate too much though? Today, we are going to talk about what happens when you overshare with job applicants.

Most of the data we have relates to the lack of communication from employers. We wanted to take some time to discuss what oversharing can do for companies who communicate with applicants.

The Hiring Process Is A Microcosm Of Your Work Environment

Your hiring process should reflect your work environment or your organization. Is your applicant communications strategy sending off major red flags for your applicants? Does your hiring process reflect your company culture?

As a company, you should understand that what you do during the hiring process is seen as a microcosm of your work environment. If you lack communication skills during the hiring process, your applicants will think that you are just as aloof if they were to decide to work for you. If you overshare and communicate too much while they are applicants, they think you will do the same if they accept a job offer.

You don't want to make this process unnecessarily tricky on any of your applicants.

What Stage Are You In The Hiring Process?

Are you oversharing with potential employees? The stage you are in the hiring process makes a significant impact on how much you can communicate with them.

The truth is: potential employees are more excited about your communication with them if they are higher in the hiring process. If you haven't invited a prospective employee to their first interview yet, they are less likely to enjoy your frequent communication with them. Potential employees want a job/career, not an automated friend.

As you invite employees in for interviews or other high-level recruitment activities, you can communicate with them more. You should leave the more in-depth communication for after they have gone to and passed their first interview.

Think About If The Shoe Were On The Other Foot?

You are a busy person, and you have a lot going on. Hiring employees is a difficult and often under-appreciated job. You may be juggling hundreds of applicants who want to hear back from you. What if all of your applicants started communicating and oversharing with you? Your job would quickly become difficult to manage.

Your job as a human resources professional is to communicate often enough to keep your job top of mind, while not oversharing or overwhelming your applicants.

Don’t Communicate Just To Communicate

We recently shared an article titled “Are You Communicating With Your Applicants When They Need You?" The basic premise of this article? Map out your applicant journey and be there to communicate with your applicants when they need to hear from you. We mapped out that you want to automate messages to go out when you receive an application, while you are going through applications, and a few other times along the way to hiring an employee.

You want to communicate with your applicants every time they think to themselves, “Man, I wonder what happened with the job application I sent to that company?

When you communicate, you have a message behind what you are saying. You don't just communicate to say hi. This is where a thoughtful message can turn into spam quickly.

You Don’t Want To Drown Out The Power Of Your Messages

Above all else, you want your messages to have a purpose. You may be communicating a critical deadline, giving an update on the hiring process, or sharing your company values.

When you communicate too much, you make it easy for applicants to miss important hiring updates.

Each message you send should have a higher purpose to the receiver.

The Bottom Line

Here is the bottom line: most employers aren't communicating enough with their applicants. While you don't want to interact with applicants too much, many employers can benefit from mapping out how they connect with applicants.

In 2019 and beyond, great employees will go to companies who focus on a stellar applicant communications strategy. Tools like ConveyIQ can help you communicate with your potential employees the right way.

Applicant communication needs to be a part of hiring. Check out our white paper for the best practices you need to follow when optimizing your applicant journey.

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