How To Assemble A Super-Powered Hiring Team

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Guest Post by MightyRecruiter

Just like The Avengers, an effective hiring team is made up of individuals with unique strengths. Assembling a strong hiring team to oversee the different stages of the hiring journey guarantees speed, and the collaborative effort yields the best outcome at the end of the day: a great hire.

While the ideal “super team” will differ from business to business, here are some of the key roles needed to create a more powerful hiring process:


The Sourcer is a master of espionage. This individual uses technology like Chrome extensions, the Internet, your ATS system, and all sorts of acrobatics to find candidates that fit. Their role typically ends after locating talent, but sometimes they’ll craft the initial recruiting email too.

Recruiting Coordinator

The Recruiting Coordinator is highly organized,  efficient, and usually serves as the orchestrator of the hiring process. Coordinators are typically tasked with posting job adverts, collecting resumes, and scheduling interviews -- which often requires managing multiple people’s calendars.

They also perform basic screenings via phone or digital interviewing, arrange transport for traveling interviewees, complete corresponding paperwork, and ensure that feedback is sent to candidates.

Recruiter (or HR Manager)

The Recruiter is on the front lines. They're the commander who engages regularly with candidates and works closely with the hiring manager to bring in top talent. Recruiters must understand the job spec so they can assess resumes and develop a shortlist of suitable candidates. They help fine-tune searches, develop interview plans, and assist with candidate selection.

In the final stages of the process, recruiters will generally also perform reference checks, extend an offer to the successful applicant, and negotiate the details of this offer. It’s a job that requires great communication skills, as recruiters navigate the space between the talent and the powers that be.

Hiring Manager

The Hiring Manager is the full-time in-company employee who kicks off the recruitment process, writes the job description, rallies the troops, and makes all the big decisions.

The hiring manager understands the role in question better than anyone, so it’s their responsibility to give the HR team detailed feedback at every stage of the journey to make sure everyone is on the right track. Hiring managers should be at all interviews, and will ultimately make the final pick.

Company Executives

Company Executives are invested at a top level in the company’s growth, so it’s not a bad idea to involve them in the last stage of the interview process as a final precaution. While this might not be necessary for junior roles, it becomes more important when recruiting for more senior roles.


Headhunters aren’t a staple part of HR teams, but they’re worth including if the position in question needs to be filled urgently, if the job requirements are very specific or unique, or if you’re recruiting for an executive role. As a skilled search consultant, they’re practiced at homing in on a precise target.


It’s always a good idea to include a few key employees who will work closely with the new recruit during the interviewing process. Co-workers understand what the job requires and can offer feedback on whether candidates will fit in with the team and company culture.

Hiring Team of the Future

Talent Managers and Diversity Officers are becoming increasingly important in modern recruitment. Talent Managers act as a hiring thought leader and internal scout for the business. Diversity Officers are responsible for making sure new recruits help promote diversity in the workplace.

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