4 Ways To Make Your Hiring Process More Collaborative

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Guest Post by MightyRecruiter

Some organizations believe that leaders should be equipped to make all the hiring decisions. But there is mounting evidence that a more collaboration in the hiring process helps teams identify more balanced hires and better cultural fits.

Here are some ways your organization can align your hiring team for a more collaborative process:

Collaboration: Key To Company Culture

The first step towards creating a collaborative hiring process is to identify the leaders and team members who will provide the best feedback for evaluating potential hires. Involving a variety of stakeholders allows teams to collect a range of opinions. This will increase the likelihood that your new hire will fit in across the board.

Some experts believe asking employees their opinions about new hires increases the goodwill of current  employees. They will feel their opinions are valued, which can lead to better retention overall.

Reap the Rewards of a Referral Program

One of the best – and easiest – ways to encourage collaboration in hiring is to launch an employee referral program. Many companies report that referrals are their go-to way of sourcing and hiring their very best employees.

A current employee in good standing is unlikely to risk their job or reputation by recommending an unqualified candidate for a role. An employee referral program also turns all team members into potential recruiters, which will help cut down the amount of time you spend searching for talent.

Adding incentives for employees will sweeten the pot and help ensure your staff will do their best with making A+ referrals.

Cover More Ground With Digital Interviewing

Digital interviewing platforms allow multiple members of a team to sit in on a single screening call. This allows more members of your team to weigh in on whether or not a candidate should move on to the next round of interviews. These tools also come in handy when candidates request interview times that are outside of regular work hours, or if a candidate lives out of town.

Digital interviewing platforms also allow candidates to record their responses to pre-set interview questions at their convenience. Hiring teams will then receive an email indicating that the candidate's responses are ready for review.

Use an Applicant Tracking System for Continuous Collaboration

Applicant tracking systems are instrumental to effective collaboration. These recruiting solutions are designed to help teams make sourcing and hiring decisions all the way through the process – from first contact to onboarding. Most ATS platforms will auto-rank candidates using predetermined keywords, and then allow your team to view applicants by relevance to the job. Your team can view candidates’ statuses, forward interesting resumes to colleagues, or email intriguing prospects to invite them to apply.

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