How To Encourage Employee Development Programs

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Creating employee development programs that work is a fluid process that requires adjustment. But retaining top employees and helping them progress in their career with your organization will make it worth the effort.

A strong employee development program starts on the first day of work. Here are some tips to help your employees grow without breaking the bank:

Set SMART Goals

Meet with your employees on a monthly or quarterly basis and set individualized goals. Make sure that their goals follow the SMART protocol and are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. This will make sure that employees and managers understand the goals and put a plan in place to make sure they are accomplished.

Make Work Engaging

Provide employees with meaningful opportunities that make a difference within your organization. This will encourage employees to take ownership of their projects and take the steps necessary to learn more to complete their projects.

Cross-Train Employees

Allowing for variety in an employee’s training will encourage them to embrace a larger role within the company. In addition, this will also allow them to step back from their current projects and come back to them with a fresh perspective.

Promote Collaboration

Fellow employees can be the best teachers. Support them in sharing their own knowledge with colleagues. In addition, have a place for employees to share interesting upcoming webinars or eBooks that they have found valuable.

Encourage Employee Input

Allow employees to develop and create suggestions for future development programs. This will help increase your employees’ knowledge base, while fostering an open and inclusive environment — ultimately resulting in happier employees who strive for growth.

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