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At the RallyFwd™ Virtual Conference: See the Future of Candidate Experience, we learned how to make candidate experience a differentiator. We were inspired and motivated, and are excited to share some actionable tips that can be implemented to upgrade our candidate experiences today!

The 27 Candidate Upgrades ebook shares the inspiring perspectives of the award-winning practitioners who spoke at RallyFwd, along with bonus tips from other leading talent acquisition pros. Here are 5 of our favorite takeaways that you can put into practice at your organization today.

Candidate experience begins before candidates hit “apply.”
Shavonne Thomas, Employer Brand Manager at Exelon, reminds us that how we treat and appeal to candidates at the early stages of our process can dictate if they choose to form a relationship with us. That's why it's important to offer a seamless and transparent recruitment process from the moment a candidate first interacts with our employer brand on our site or at an event to their onboarding experience and beyond. 

Figure out what a poor candidate experience is costing you.
An easy way to make candidate experience more than a buzzword and gain executive level buy-in for employer branding initiatives? Calculating the cost of a poor candidate experience to your business's bottom line. Kevin Grossman, President of the Talent Board, recommends the Candidate Experience Resentment Calculator as a starting point.

Ask for feedback.
Grossman also suggests collecting candidate feedback at multiple stages within your hiring process, as the very act of asking for feedback improves the perception of the candidate experience. Of course, it’s important to actually take the feedback you receive and make necessary adjustments to your hiring process.

Strive for consistency.
Martin Spokony, Talent Acquisition Director at Aspen Dental, preaches consistency. "A good candidate experience is a consistent experience across all touchpoints. After all, if candidates are hearing a different story about your company’s employee value proposition from each place they visit or each employee they interact with, they’re going to have a frustrating time deciding if your organization is a good fit for them.

If you can define your differentiators, publish them to all of your digital homes (like your career site and job boards like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.) and ensure your recruiting team and hiring managers are trained about what points to speak about, you will deliver a clear message and a better experience to candidates."

Use a video interview tool to save candidates time.
Spokony also suggests companies consider implementing video interviewing capabilities to engage with candidates during the pre-screen stage of the process. "This improves the candidate experience by clearing up time & space in your recruiting team’s calendars so they can focus more time on building relationships and providing a great experience, rather than scheduling in pre-screens. Additionally, it respects the candidates’ time by providing a quick and convenient way for candidate's to move through the early stages of the qualification process on their own time."

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