From the Archives: TTI Shines at Dreamit Ventures NYC Demo Day

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

CEO and Founder Danielle Weinblatt presented Take the Interview (Now ConveyIQ) at Dreamit Ventures NYC Demo Day 2011. As one of over 500 applicants, Take the Interview is very proud to be one of the 15 startups that graduated from Dreamit this summer.

Weinblatt, who previously worked in recruiting, explained the problem that many hiring managers and recruiters face: too many candidates with resumes that look the same, hours of phone screens that are just a waste of time, and knowing that some candidates are not a fit for their organization just minutes after meeting them- but needing to finish the interview, which could take up to an hour. She knew that there had to be a better way, and the idea for TTI was born.

With TTI (Now Convey for Interviewing) hiring managers and recruiters can ask their most important questions to candidates via an asynchronous, or not live, video interview. By quickly hearing the answers to the most pressing questions- hiring managers and recruiters no longer need to spend time interviewing candidates who are not a fit for their organization. They are able to spend more time interviewing quality candidates, and as a result hire better.

At the end of the presentation, Weinblatt made a very exciting announcement:

“Many of you might have heard of Mike Moradian, who is trying to decide weather to go to Harvard Business School this fall or continue to run his startup. A couple of days ago, Mike reached out to me on Twitter and wanted my opinion- I told him, Mike ‘your companies need you, and the economy needs entrepreneurs.’ Today, I am announcing that I will be leaving Harvard Business School to lead Take the Interview (now ConveyIQ) full time.”

As Weinblatt said this, on the final side of her deck, the words “Sorry Mom!” came up and the crowd burst into applause!

After a great presentation and a fun day of networking, the entire Take the Interview team is very excited about the press that we have received through DreamIt Demo Day.

We’ve been named one of The 4 Standout Startups from Dreamit Demo Day in Business Insider, one of Three Start-ups to Watch by Gigaom, and Danielle Weinblatt & Take the Interview were featured on in their article, Accelerators & Incubators: Dreamit Ventures Dreams Big.


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