Digital Interviewing 101: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Curious about digital interviewing? We got you covered. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve seen here at ConveyIQ:

The Value of Digital Interviewing

Q: Why would recruiting teams consider interviewing differently?

A: It’s a candidate-driven world out there, and the Internet makes it easier for candidates to find you. It’s also easier for candidates to find your competitors. Hiring teams that can screen and identify more candidates faster to beat their competitors for the best talent available.

Q: Is the interview process really a bottleneck?

A: YES! Many in-house recruiters spend 5-6 hours per day on initial phone screens. Recruiters should spend as much time as possible ensuring qualified candidates receive a great experience, not on screening calls.

Q: So, what does digital interviewing even do?

A: Digital interviewing manages the screening process, allowing recruiters to interveiw 100 candidates in the time it takes to screen 15 candidates via telephone. It also enables all stakeholders in the hiring process to plug into the same rating system, leading to improved collaboration and better hires.

Q: How can digital interviewing save me time?

A: Instead of a 30-minute phone conversation, candidates are sent key questions that recruiters try to cover in a screening interview (often 4-6 questions) and record video responses that recruiters can review on their own time. The hiring process moves much faster and fewer steps are needed to hire candidates because digital interviewing enables easier collaboration with hiring managers,

Part 2: How It Plugs Into Hiring Processes

Q: Where exactly does it fit in the recruiting process?

A: This can fit wherever you want it to, but most companies use it as an initial screening step to determine what candidates they’d like to further pursue.

Q: Does this replace in-person interviews?

A: Our view is that this technology makes it easy to identify a short list of candidates you’d like to invite on-site for a final interview.  While it eliminates hours and hours of screening work, it’s generally not a replacement for an in-person meeting.

Q: Is there also a tool for a two-way conversation between a recruiter and candidate?

A: Yes, we call it Convey Live. Imagine a Skype conversation that’s much easier to sign into, and also that can be recorded and shared with your colleagues to get their feedback.

Q: Does this integrate with our ATS?

A: We can integrate with any ATS that has an open API (translation: that’s pretty much all of them!)

Q: Do I need a webcam as an employer?

A: Only if you’d like to conduct a Live interview with a candidate.  You don’t need a webcam if you’re reviewing completed interviews.

Q: Do candidates need a webcam?

A: Yes, candidates need to have access to some sort of device with a camera and an Internet connection.

Q: What do hiring managers think of this?

A: They’re some of our biggest fans.  They’re often not using the system themselves, but it’s common for hiring managers to review completed interviews and offer feedback on candidates BEFORE they come to the office for an in-person meeting.  This ensures that hiring managers and recruiters are always aligned in terms of who comes onsite and why.

Q: Does this work on a mobile device?

A: Yes, we have an Android and iOS mobile app for candidates to download.

Q: Is this compliant with the EEOC and OFCCP?

A: Both agencies have reviewed this technology, and in short, they’ve ruled that no one technology (including the telephone) promotes or hinders non-compliant behavior. It’s all about human action.  Yes, you’ll need to ensure your recruiting decisions are compliant at all times, and we think asking candidates of all backgrounds the same questions and assessing them on the same criteria at all times is a big step forward in making recruiting as fair as possible.

Q: Do you review the candidate interviews for us?

A: We don’t, that’s up to you.  We’re all about giving you the tools to make your own decisions – we don’t want to make hiring decisions for you!

Q: What branding is available?

A: Quite a bit!  Email invitation copy, logos within the app, a custom landing page, welcome videos and conclusion videos are all customizable.

Part 3: Candidate Experience

Q: How long does it take a candidate to complete an interview?

A: Generally speaking, about 15 minutes. This depends on how many questions you ask candidates and how much time you give them to answer each question.

Q: Do candidates see the questions in advance?

A: No, they see them one at a time as they progress through their interview.  We think it’s important to simulate this aspect of an in-person interview as closely as possible.

Q: Do you source the candidates?

A: ConveyIQ by Entelo can help you source candidates within your ATS and our main product Entelo allows you to source over 550 million candidate profiles! We also help your team interview the candidates that have applied to specific live positions.

Q: Is this impersonal?

A: No, but it is important to make sure a candidates understand why they’re doing this.  It’s a way for them to make their application more than a resume at a time that’s convenient for them.  Wouldn’t you want to know why you’re submitting answers to questions?

Q: How long do candidates have to respond?

A: That’s customizable and up to you to determine. It can be as little as 30 seconds or more than 10 minutes per question.

Q: Are candidates able to write text-based answers?

A: Yes, text questions can be timed or untimed.  You can also do things like simulate writing an email under pressure or ask someone to write a snippet of code.

Q: Can candidates retake their interview if they aren’t happy with their responses?

A: Yes, that is customizable and you get to determine how many retries a candidate has.

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