Digital Interviewing And EEOC Compliance

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

We are often asked if digital interviewing EEOC compliant.

Well, the EEOC wrote a letter in 2004 that explains as long as you make sure that your hiring process is non discriminatory, and focus on the job qualifications of all job seekers, it will remain that way regardless of the technology or information available by the technology.

Digital interviewing can be used in-between the resume review and the in-person interview, in conjunction with or in lieu of phone screens. Digitally screening candidates will allow you to gain more information about candidates earlier on in the process.

Jason Buss of TalentHQ, a recruiting and diversity leader explains:

“Regardless of what channel you use to interview candidates, discrimination can occur. It is thinking about how you can put forward the best practices so that no one, recruiting or hiring leader, is discriminating against a candidate. With video, it is easy to track and monitor all the screening activity and ensure that every candidate is treated and evaluated more fairly than some of the other traditional practices.”

Buss went on to explain the many benefits of using digital interviewing. Here's how you can make your hiring process even more compliant:

Ask the same questions:

You are able to set up a job posting and ask all candidates the same questions in the same manner. Standardization ensures that all candidates are given the same opportunity to answer the same questions and  are not subject to external factors during their interview screen.

Standardize response time:

Set the candidate response time, ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes per question. Allowing candidates the same time to respond to questions, ensures that all candidates are treated fairly.

Improve record keeping:

Most video interviewing solutions will store all of your candidate video screens for over one year in compliance with OFCCP record keeping requirements. Convey for Interviewing will also store all your comments and rankings of candidates.

Streamline evaluation process:

ConveyIQ's assessment criteria allows you to customize and standardize the evaluation process. This allows you to compare candidates easily and fairly against a specific set of criteria.

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