How To Evaluate Candidates Using Digital Interviewing

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

As digital interviewing continues to grow as an innovative medium to screen candidates, we’re sharing our top tips for evaluating candidates through video:

Ask the Right Questions

It's important to choose your most important questions when evaluating candidates. Asking direct and focused questions will allow you to evaluate a candidate’s technical knowledge and communication skills.

Listen and Look Between the Lines

By observing a candidate through digital interviewing, you'll be able to fully assess their body language and enthusiasm about a position. This will help you to better gauge candidate interest and their potential fit at your company.

Compare Question by Question

Comparing candidates is key while trying to fill a role with just one or two openings. Watching and re-watching responses will let you differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate and compare them to the group. With Convey for Interviewing, you also have the ability to rate, comment and mark top candidates.

Collaborate With Colleagues

With digital interviewing, it's now possible to share responses with your colleagues. This allows all decision makers to view candidates in the same light. Your company's recruiting team can also share promising candidates with their potential department.

Combined with your previous knowledge of interviewing candidates, digital interviewing can be an easy and effective way to screen candidates prior to an in-person interview.

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