Digital Interviews: Why You Need A Strong Company Intro Video

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

When you call your candidates for a phone screen or greet them for their in-person interview, do you start by playing them a general video from your career site?  Or by jumping right into the interview questions?

Most likely not. You greet them with a welcoming tone of voice, a warm smile and some light conversation to get to know them before you explain how the process will work. Welcoming candidates to a Convey On-Demand digital interview in this same manner is incredibly important.

Companies that have personalized intro videos within their On-Demand digital interviews see a higher completion rate than those that do not. A member of the recruiting team saying, “Hi, we’re so excited to learn more about you!” goes a long way to help candidates feel comfortable and be excited to interview with your company.

Here are some digital interview video elements that have given our clients the most success:

Personalize the experience.

Feature the team, a recruiter, a hiring manager or an executive overseeing the position.

Highlight culture.

Take candidates inside your office and highlight what makes your company culture unique.

Explain why you’re using digital interviews.

Not all candidates will understand why a digital interview is important. Use the intro video to explain the benefits of this process (e.g., “A digital interview helps us to understand you beyond your resume and move you through the process faster.”)

Keep it short and sweet.

Videos should be two minutes or less for the best candidate experience.

We’ve learned that getting top candidates through the door requires more than just facilitating a great interview. Candidates that engage with your company’s brand and culture will understand how awesome it is to work at your company and will be more excited to go through the interview process.

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