Why No Job Seekers Watch Your Culture Video

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

So, no one watches your culture video.

If you film it, they will come, right?

Recruiting teams have gotten wise to how powerful employer brand can be when trying to attract applications. But just some text on job boards and paid ad don't fully convey why a candidate should be excited to work for a company. Many have turned to culture videos to show applicants what it really means to work with a given team.

We’ve seen some amazing culture videos. While we’re really happy working at ConveyIQ, we'd be lying if they didn’t paint an enticing picture of what it’d be like to work elsewhere!

That being said, there’s always been something gnawing at us when we see these great culture videos plastered all over a career site.

Simply put, these videos are directed at the wrong audience at the wrong time.

Who are you building culture videos for, anyway?

Let’s step back and look at why companies make culture videos in the first place.

You think job seekers out there need a nudge to apply to your company when there thousands of potential employers, right? That makes total sense if you’re thinking of people who have been in the workforce for years and are experienced in their industry. This population can afford to be selective since they know what they want and how to get it, so showing them branded content up front is a great move.

But for the vast majority of hires, let’s be realistic -- they’re pushing their resume into as many career portals as possible. This type of candidate is falling over themselves to find the “Apply Now” button on your careers page. Anything between them and that one button (including your culture video) is an obstacle that will be ignored.

What can you do about it?

Segment where and how your culture video appears to job seekers:

For managers or more senior roles with a selective or passive candidate base:

Put your culture video or other content front and center. If it’s well-made, this demographic will have a greater appreciation what your team is like.

You probably won’t have to make much of a change here since your content is likely accessible pre-apply, so you can check one thing off your to-do list!

For entry-level roles requiring five years or less of work experience:

This is the candidate pool that is churning out applications left and right, only taking the time to be selective once they receive an interview offer.

These are also the job seekers that are dying for a response. You’ll get much more engagement with employer branding content by proactively sending your video to anyone who applies, or at least to those you invite for a first-round interview. This will help increase the number of people viewing your content.

Understanding what working for your organization is like will help job seekers who are a good fit to get even more excited about working with you, ultimately strengthening your pipeline and helping you grow as an employer of choice.

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