From The Archives: A New Look, We’re Now Fully Mobile And More!

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This update was originally published in January 2017. 

For busy hiring managers who operate in those precious free minutes between meetings, while standing in line for their morning coffee, or out on the road—this post is for you.

We are excited to announce our latest release which reflects our continued movement towards a mobile-friendly platform built for swift collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers. You asked and we delivered!

When a recruiter shares an on-demand interview, hiring managers now have the ability to access and review that interview from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

This review process happens directly within your browser, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your login info every time, no apps taking up space on your phone, and fewer barriers to entry.

In other words, hiring managers can now review on-demand interviews any time, on any browser, on any device.

And that’s not all. Here are even more highlights.

For Hiring Managers/Recruiters

Brand-New Clean User Interface

Our UI got a Hollywood-sized makeover. The clean, streamlined interface allows users to focus on the candidate, not superfluous bells and whistles cluttering the screen. Our customer feedback has been very positive on this.

New Email Security

Recipients must now authenticate their email address before reviewing interviews. This is to make sure on-demand interviews are in the right hands.

Compare a Group of Candidates

After receiving a shared group of interviews, hiring managers can scroll through the list of candidates and see how they fare side-by-side. For example, if you are asking “why do you want to work in sales?” and this is crucial to a traveling hiring manager, she can quickly separate those who are passionate from those who are not, all while navigating from her tablet on the plane.

Updates in Comments

Hiring managers can easily see comments left from recruiters and now contribute to the conversation by adding, editing, and deleting their comments.

Providing Feedback

When they’re finished reviewing an interview, HM’s can give instant feedback through our “Assessments” tab. Whether they’re looking for enthusiasm or knowledge of the business or anything else, users can rate candidates on a 10-point scale for pre-set criteria.

For Job Candidates

Stand-alone Practice Interview

To familiarize candidates with the look and feel of the video interview process, we built an optional sandbox interview for them to get comfortable before they start.

Removal of Flash

Don’t worry if you don’t have the latest version of Flash Player. Recorded interviews now run faster and more reliably without it.

A New and Improved Mobile App

 Candidates will be able to see a dashboard containing their on-demand interviews, organized by company/position. It’s a one-stop shop for seeing their status, progress, and deadlines.

… and much, much more.

So that’s it! We have a new clean interface, new mobile enhancements, and a platform that adjusts to any browser on any size screen. We are excited to have delivered this to our customers.

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