ConveyIQ Releases Innovative Mobile Candidate Application

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Groundbreaking ConveyIQ Mobile App Provides Immersive Candidate Experience, Keeping Applicants Engaged throughout Interview Process

NEW YORK (March 3, 2014) – Take the Interview (now ConveyIQ), providers of the comprehensive cloud and mobile technology platform that solves the challenges of the interviewing process, today announced the release of its mobile candidate app. Leveraging advanced mobile technology and high definition video, the app engages job candidates in an intuitive, streamlined and immersive experience from their favorite mobile device.

The use of mobile devices is pervasive today; research from Pew shows that 91 percent of adults in the U.S. have a cell phone, 55 percent have a smartphone and 42 percent own a tablet computer. As mobile device ownership continues to rise, people increasingly expect to be able to use those devices in all aspects of life and work, and the job interview is no exception. Employers that adopt the technology solutions that enable candidates to leverage their mobile devices gain significant competitive advantage. Not only can they save the time and resources typically required for extensive in-person interviews, but they can also better engage those candidates through a rewarding and fun interview process.

With its groundbreaking mobile candidate app, Take the Interview (now Convey IQ) makes it easier than ever to engage job candidates on their mobile devices. Starting with a warm welcome video that explains the mobile interview, candidates are guided through the process with multiple virtual tour touch points that ensure they are prepared and aware of the following steps. They are also informed of how many text-based questions they will be asked and the number of video questions, for which they leverage their device’s camera to record their responses. In addition, candidates benefit from the opportunity to take as many practice interviews they feel are necessary before taking the actual interview.

Take the Interview’s (now ConveyIQ) mobile app is entirely immersive and keeps candidates engaged throughout the process. For instance, the app shows the candidate inspirational quotes from historical figures to help motivate them as they progress through the interview. Moreover, with extremely high definition video and iO7 capability, the solution offers enhanced functionality that transforms the interview, not just for the candidate but for the recruiter as well. Recruiters can easily review candidate responses from any mobile or desktop device, thereby speeding up the selection process and helping them hire the right people faster.

“As job seekers rely on their mobile devices to learn about jobs more than ever, and increasingly expect to apply and interview from those devices, today’s employers must be able to meet growing demand for intuitive, mobile-optimized candidate experience,” said Danielle Weinblatt, co-founder and CEO of Take the Interview. (now ConveyIQ) “Our mobile candidate app provides the tool that enables employers to replace the stale, old-fashioned interview with a truly modern and engaging process.”

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