ConveyIQ and Greenhouse Integration

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Greenhouse is an end-to-end applicant tracking system and recruiting software designed to make the recruitment process as productive and cost-effective as possible. From establishing job requirements and selecting the right candidates to tracking interview responses and making data-driven hiring decisions, the ConveyIQ and Greenhouse union empowers companies to make better recruitment choices. Hire better talent faster with ConveyIQ & Greenhouse. 

Here’s what Greenhouse users can take from the ConveyIQ partnership:

  • Facilitate digital interviews that are both EEOC and OFCCP compliant
  • Give candidates an understanding of company culture, the role and responsibilities earlier in the interviewing process
  • Reduce travel costs
  • Cultivate collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Rate and grade candidates in real-time to give them faster feedback
  • Improve time-to-hire and employee retention

Here’s what ConveyIQ users can take from the Greenhouse partnership:

  • Support automatic publishing of job vacancies to social media sites and job boards including Facebook, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Indeed.
  • Use filters and search functionality to track and review each candidate’s progress, including their résumés, scorecards and responses to interview questions
  • Get a clearer picture of where the best candidates are coming from


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