Conveying a Brave New World

Posted by Danielle Weinblatt

It’s been a long time coming, but today Take the Interview is now officially ConveyIQ. Convey is meant to evoke the necessity of an organization—one that cares about hiring top talent—to communicate clearly and creatively with candidates in real-time. Too often I have heard candidates complain about the “black hole” of submitting their resume and never hearing back or the sinking feeling of not knowing where they stand in the hiring process. It can be defeating, demoralizing and degrading. It’s not fair that people can get immediate updates on their phone about where their Uber car is or when their pizza is going to get delivered (Domino’s pizza tracker – yes!), but they still can’t seem to get timely and reliable updates about their job application. It’s time for that to change.

Convey is multipurpose, as it can also be reversed. Just like any long-lasting relationship, a commitment to join an organization must be mutual and so should the communication. During the recruitment process, a candidate has a duty to convey why he or she is the right person for the role and this can be done during a phone or video interview, an on-demand video screen, an assessment or an in-person interview. The name Convey works whether you are communicating, screening, interviewing, prepping, or onboarding talent. The hiring process doesn’t end at attraction, frankly it just begins. Most importantly, it provides our company with the platform to scale what we do beyond screening and interviewing.

TTI Rebrands as ConveyIQ

We’re in the business of helping companies attract top talent and we know that the best candidates are, on average, off the market in 10 days. We knew that if we could help companies communicate more effectively and capture better data throughout the process, we could dramatically influence the time-to-fill positions and candidate perception about an organization. Here’s to better Glassdoor scores for everyone!

Today, Take the Interview (TTI) has expanded our product offering and tomorrow, with the name, ConveyIQ, we have the opportunity to continue this expansion. This name is more mature, more demonstrative, more exciting and more aligned with the future of our company, our team and vision.

If you remember us when we started, Take the Interview, was one of the first entrants into the digital interviewing space. In 2012, I envisioned a world in which everyone would be given an opportunity to “take the interview” by clicking on a button on a job posting and submitting answers to targeted questions for the role vs. filling out a lengthy application. We wanted to democratize interviewing. Our first products did, but we were only scratching the surface of the real opportunity. From the time we launched TTI until to now, we have seen a lot of investment in the HR Tech space and certainly in the digital interviewing space. The growth of a sector is validation when you are one of the first companies, but it is only the first step in creating the type of impact we can have on this industry.

Because of this and an undying desire to contribute more, I felt that it was absolutely vital to expand Take the Interview’s offering beyond digital interviewing. This had been brewing internally for a while. Our advisors, our Board members, specifically, Doug Berg, the Founder of Jobs2Web, our customers, and our investors were all looking for innovation and a leap of faith. Digital interviewing still continues to help our clients interview millions of candidates across their companies each year and we continue to improve this platform. However, I knew we could be bolder. When we were developing our new platform, which will aptly be named Convey, I knew that we could be a game changer yet again.

As CEO, it’s my role to guide the company to paths unchartered and to try and see not just where the industry is today, but where it’s going. It’s not about what’s trendy (*cough social recruiting), it’s about understanding what is going to be a fad and what is going to be a new world. The new normal is candidate-centric. The talent must be the focus and more and more, organizations have been recognizing that they either need to invest in finding and cultivating it, or die.

Recruiting has changed since we started TTI. In the beginning, it was always about the employer and never about the candidate. But a real economic shift has occurred, as the skill gap has widened, companies are tripping over each other to convince great people to apply for their roles and to join them. This means that a platform centered around communication, clarity, and transparency during the hiring process was inevitable.

It’s the same trend that gave birth to marketing automation over a decade ago. The reality is that your candidates are your consumers as well. They are your brand ambassadors. They buy your goods and services. They resonate with your offerings. Often, this is why they apply to your organization in the first place.

The golden adage of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” has never been so potent. “Ghosting” candidates and leaving them in a black hole can no longer be the norm. That’s why we decided to innovate in this area and become ConveyIQ. It is not a trend. We are in a brave new world.



Danielle Weinblatt is the Founder & CEO ConveyIQ. She started her business career in Mergers & Acquisitions at Citigroup, where she was a top-ranked Analyst and then moved on to private equity. Danielle also serves as a mentor and advisor to two incubators focused on early-stage technology startups. She has appeared on Fox Business News, Fox News Boston and Spike TV as part of their “Hire a Veteran” initiative. She has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, TechCrunch, The New York Post and The Huffington Post, among several other publications. Danielle has also been a contributor to Inc. Magazine’s, “Been There, Run That” series on scaling companies, The Huffington Post, and BostInno on women in technology. Danielle has also worked with various Veterans organizations on helping Veterans transition into the civilian workforce. In addition to a B.S, in Applied Economics and Management, summa cum laude, from Cornell University, Danielle was an Arthur Rock Fellow at Harvard Business School, where she achieved Honors.

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