Conversations With ConveyIQ: Una Stevic

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

ConveyIQ is filled with bright minds and strong contributors. We spoke with Una Stevic to learn more about her experience at the company.
Stevic works on the Product team in ConveyIQ's Belgrade office. She loves traveling, and had the opportunity to live in Romania and Bucharest in her childhood, which inspired her to learn Romanian and Italian. Stevic started her career in the Interior and Furniture Design industry, but soon switched to Quality Assurance thanks to her best friend. Coming from this background, she mentions, "maybe it's not a chair, but [the product at ConveyIQ] still needs to be functional, comfortable to use and appealing."

Get To Know Una


What was your first job ever?

Just after graduating in Belgrade, I started working at an agency as an interior designer preparing client offers of luxury Italian furniture and lighting.

What initially attracted you to ConveyIQ and made you want to work here?

I was attracted to the opportunity to learn and progress in the field of software technologies. I entered this world of technology only two years before joining ConveyIQ with little technological background. The talent of the people and their will to share their knowledge is still surprising me everyday.

What is your position at ConveyIQ, and what does your day-to-day look like?

I’m a Product Manager here. It’s hard to outline a day-to-day of the work I do in an agile environment as it tends to be very diverse and priority-focused among a very long list of things I could and should be doing.
I try to follow a pattern that is efficient. Make sure all the questions and enquiries raised are answered in time. Make sure the product backlog is pilling gradually with valuable features and improvements to be worked on. Make sure the engineering and QA teams have prioritized work and that time is not spent on idle work.

What do you enjoy most about working at ConveyIQ?

Being part of a team with great people and minds serving a greater cause by creating a tool that connects and helps all the participants in the hiring process and experience. Also the possibilities of where this could take us - I find it very exciting because there are truly no boundaries.

ConveyIQ is all about transforming the hiring experience. What are your thoughts on candidate experience in today’s job market?

I believe that no matter the country, language or culture in this world, the hiring experience has a lot of holes. We all know at least one person who applied for dozens of positions and heard back from only a few. Even a negative response is a good response simply by the fact that it’s there and the candidate is not left in the famous black hole.
Engaging all candidates in the process and making sure all are equally treated while filtering best talent is not an easy task for recruiting teams, but it does not mean it’s impossible with the right time, efficient procedures and tools.
Another field that I think could be improved is the information itself that is being sent out along with job descriptions. It is so often generalized and vague, attracting candidate applications that are not fit only by the fact that the information was misinterpreted or not interpreted at all. In today's world of video, animation and texting there are a lot of ways to provide the right content and attract the right audience.

How do you think technology can best support recruiting teams?

Technology is there to serve but it can also give you ideas to improve your work. If the tool is used wisely and the team creates procedures, they can rely on technology without any worry about time, efficiency or if they missed or forgot something - then the rest of that person's energy and work can be focused on improving the candidate experience with more personalized and richter content. Making sure human presence is not left out but at the same time multiplied so that every candidate is reached.

Why do you believe in the ConveyIQ suite of products?

I think we are still all learning and the real Convey suite of products that will have major impact is yet to come, but the fact that we are constantly testing and connecting the dots of what is actually needed in the market builds confidence in the product. I think the Convey for Communications Platform is just the start of changing the mindset out there and hopefully will expand to a product that recruiting will use as a guideline and not the other way around.

How would you describe life at ConveyIQ in three words?

Dynamic, inspiring and exciting.

What has been your most memorable experience at ConveyIQ?

The day we released the new Convey for Communications platform. This was something we never dealt with before, and a lot of effort was put into it by every single person at ConveyIQ. That day we were anxious and relieved because we could finally say we did it with smiles on our faces.
The collective lunch we had just after we saw the product working was probably the sweetest meal we had together.

If you weren’t at ConveyIQ in your current position, what would you be doing?

ConveyIQ is a career-changing opportunity for me and I love it, but if I wasn’t working with my current colleagues and had to settle in a different company, I’d rather fulfill one of my dreams and go painting murals on houses and hotels on the beaches of Mexico for a year or two.

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