6 Company Career Site Tips To Boost Employer Brand

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Take a look at your company career site. If it is boring, dull and doesn’t tell much about your organization, you might be losing out on top candidates.

Top talent values the importance of a solid career site. According to CareerBuilder, nearly 89 percent of those surveyed cited employer sites as a key factor when learning more about a company they’re interested in.

If you need to make some adjustments, don’t fear — there are some quick and easy ways that you can enhance your company career site to allow candidates to get to know your organization quickly, and help form a connection that lasts.

Here are some of our top tips:

Make It Easy To Locate

Be sure to have a link on your homepage or in your footer so candidates can find your career site. Keeping a link in the footer allows candidates to easily access your company career site after doing research on your company.

Keep It Organized

Your company career site should be organized so that candidates can quickly view core values, benefits and open positions. Pay attention to the average time spent on your career site — if it's too short, candidates might not be able to find the information needed. You'll also want to keep it clean and feature a font that is easy to read.

Show Off Your Culture

Make sure your career site matches your corporate culture and the energy of your organization. Incorporate a recruiting video that tells the story of your company. You should also highlight company culture, benefits, and any unique information that sets your organization apart.

Get Social

We live in a social world, and your candidates might want to tweet a link to your page to one of their fellow job seekers or send an email referral. You’ll get bonus points and more shares if you have a referral program for non-employees!

Be Mobile Friendly

Be sure that your career portal is accessible on Android and iOS platforms. You never know when your next hire will be scanning for a new job. If it’s on the go, be sure to have them covered, too.

Keep In Touch

You don’t want to lose out on a great candidate — so be sure to have a way for them to pass along their resume, even if you don’t have an open position that is a fit at the moment. It’s a proactive approach that will help keep your pipeline strong and your candidate pool efficient when you have new job openings later on down the line.

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