Glassdoor’s Most Popular Jobs For College Graduates: What We Learned

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

In the months leading up to graduation day, your recruiting team was front and center at campus career fairs, sourcing resumes from eager interns-to-be, and strengthening your pipeline with top talent looking for potential employers to kickstart their career.

With an estimated 1.8 million college graduates expected to enter the workforce this year, there’s plenty of opportunity for optimism.

But when it comes to college grads, some industries are more magnetic than others.

Glassdoor put together a list of the most popular jobs college graduates typically hold right after they turn their tassels and throw in the towel on the campus life. Here’s the top 10 for a snapshot (you can get the full list here.)

Top 10 Jobs For College Graduates

  1. Sales Associate
  2. Research Assistant
  3. Teaching Assistant
  4. Intern
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Account Manager
  7. Social Media Manager
  8. Software Engineer
  9. Case Manager
  10. Data Analyst

 What We Learned

According to a recent iCIMS report, more than 50 percent of college grads said they hoped to make more than $50,000 a year upon graduation. That's around $8,000 more than average companies expect to pay entry-level hires. A majority of the jobs on Glassdoor’s list have a median salary range between $20,000 a year (Teaching Assistant) to $50,000 a year (Account Manager.) Jobs in finance and technology see a considerable jump in entry-level pay, with salaries in the $60,000 - $90,000 range.

While 82 percent of recruiters said they are willing to hire applicants with degrees outside their industry, there are some relative trends when it comes to skill sets — especially in more technically-oriented positions. For example, the most popular majors for Software Engineering jobs are Computer Science, Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology; while positions like a Sales Associate typically attract Business, English and Political Science majors.

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