5 Recruiting Tips for Hiring Recent College Graduates

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Are you looking to hire college graduates this campus recruiting season? It’s time to start laying your groundwork and planning your recruiting strategy.

To help get you started, we’ve compiled our top five tips for hiring recent college graduates:

Attend Career Fairs

Attending career fairs at colleges and universities is a great way to meet candidates for entry-level and internship roles. Many of these job fairs take place during the beginning of the Spring and Fall semesters, so it’s important to plan ahead and identify your list of target schools early.

Post on Career Sites

Job boards like Monster, CareerBuilder, and LinkedIn are great for targeting recent college graduates. Also consider targeting college career sites through a multiple posting service or by targeting schools individually. These postings are typically much less expensive than typical job boards and provide more connections to recent college graduates.

Utilize Your Social Network

Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to identify top candidates and engage them with your brand, company and recruiting cycle. Share job postings, requirements, deadlines and other information when hiring new college graduates.

Reward Employee Referrals

Use your employee referral network and offer incentives to suggest upcoming or recent college grads from their alumni schools. Consider offering incentives once a candidate is hired or for introductions to qualified candidates.

Leverage Your Company Career Site

Make sure that you company career site is easy to navigate and positions can be sorted by experience level. Also consider having a website devoted to recruiting college graduates with all of your company information in one place.

Other top methods of recruiting include on-campus information sessions, one-on-one meetings with recruiters, word-of-mouth, and on-campus networking events.

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