7 Chrome Extensions Recruiters Need In Their Toolbar

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Guest Post by MightyRecruiter

If you’ve been recruiting without the help of at least a few of the great Google Chrome extensions out there, then you’ve definitely been subjecting yourself to far more stress than necessary. A recruiter’s day is packed with challenges and tasks that must be juggled effectively, and a broad range of handy extensions can assist with everything from sourcing candidates and finding contact details, to managing workflows and storing passwords. Let’s take a look at a few of the best:


If you work in recruiting, you’re familiar with the challenge of connecting with passive candidates. MightyRecruiter’s recently-released MightySourcer extension works to remove the need for a time-consuming search. It’s the only Chrome extension that gives users the power to immediately invite candidates to apply for a particular job through customizable email messages, reducing the time recruiters and hiring managers spend contacting candidates. This free tool also helps locate critical candidate information like contact details, social profiles, skills, work experience, and education. Just search for candidates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or GitHub, open their profile in the extension, and ta-da! You have everything you need to know.

Accompany Chrome Extension

Accompany for Gmail

Free and easy to use, Accompany for Gmail is a recruiter’s dream assistant. Accompany saves time and effort by aggregating information about your Gmail contacts and delivering insightful candidate profiles straight to your inbox. Hover over a candidate’s name to view their current job title, work history and social profile links. You’ll also receive meeting reminders, a link to all past correspondence with the contact, and a notepad where you can jot down details for future reference.

Hiretual Logo


Hiretual has become a go-to tool for overworked hiring leaders. Along with sourcing contact details, Hiretual builds smart Boolean strings based on job titles or descriptions, and searches across a wide range of platforms. A unique perk is the profile analytics feature, which showcases a candidate’s level of seniority, peer ranking, availability, and appropriate compensation ranges. The most basic plan is free, but you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for the advanced corporate plan, which includes 24/7 AI sourcing.

Ultidash Logo


It might not be exclusively for recruiters, but this free, productivity-focused extension could seriously improve the efficiency of your hiring process. Ultidash helps you to stay focused on your daily goals with a custom to-do list, a timer, a site blocker that blacklists distracting websites, and a tracker that measures your online behavior. The dashboard displays your browsing habits and performance, and opens with fun, inspiring greetings that change regularly.

Streak Logo


There’s very little that the Streak Chrome extension doesn’t do. The free plan includes basic CRM features so you can manage interactions with applicants, store resumes and notes, and keep track of where candidates are in the hiring journey — all inside your Gmail app. You can also share information and correspondence with colleagues and take advantage of their “Email Power Tools” that allow you to track when emails are read, send mass emails with personalized touches, and schedule for later sending. A paid plan includes more advanced features, enabling you to manage your hiring process straight from your inbox.

Clearbit Connect

Like several other Chrome extensions, Clearbit Connect provides you with a host of additional information about anyone in your Gmail inbox: photos, job titles, locations, company names, financial details, and more. But what makes this tool extra handy is its ability to provide you with employee email addresses for almost any company in the world. Just type in a company domain along with a person’s name or role, and it will deliver a list of contacts — helping you find your next best hire.


If you haven’t downloaded this free Chrome extension, do so immediately. As a hiring professional, you probably have countless passwords for sites and accounts you use daily. LastPass saves all your login usernames and passwords in one secure, searchable vault, safeguarded by encryption. It’s a great way to safeguard your data, while saving yourself from the consequences of memory loss, and can be used across all your devices.

MightyRecruiter is an end-to-end recruiting solution that makes previously manual, time-consuming tasks easy, quick, and effective. MightyRecruiter is designed to help you quickly attract, source, recruit, and hire the most relevant candidates to your jobs.

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