What Top Candidates Do Before They Apply To Your Job

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

No matter how candidates land on one of your open reqs, all that really matters to you is when they finally click that “Submit” button on their application, right?

This precious button is the gateway to your recruiting funnel. But as we’ve mentioned before, most teams we speak with aren’t struggling with resume volume — the bigger issue is getting the right candidates through the door.

For top candidates, the application process begins long before you even see their resume. By understanding the steps they take, you can create the right candidate experience to really seal the deal and get them in the door quickly.

Step 1: They Look At Your Company Website

Once a candidate finds a job description that has some promise, your careers page and company website are the first stop on their list. Are your company’s awesome job perks and vibrant company culture showcased on your site? Does your team offer opportunities for growth or a company culture video?

Truly interested candidates will want to know what else you offer, so make sure resources are accessible and engaging to bolster excitement about your brand.

Step 2: They Hear It Through The Grapevine

Sure, you see your organization as a “disruptive” and “innovative” company that “values its employees and work-life balance,” but your Glassdoor ratings could tell a totally different story.

Think of your candidates as consumers. According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers say they trust peer reviews, as opposed to the 20 percent that buy into company claims from the get-go.

That’s why the best companies are setting their sights on employer branding and aiming for those five-star reviews. For prestigious fields like banking, consulting, and law, candidates will also trust extensive research completed by sites like Vault that produce regular “Top-Ranked” lists.

Step 3: They Look To Their Network (It’s A Small World, After All)

Next step: LinkedIn. Once the candidate is here, they’ll typically do two things:

They check if they know someone who works there. If so, you better believe that person will receive a text or email from the potential candidate hoping to learn more about the company.

Find out more about the backgrounds of potential co-workers. One of the best ways to attract top talent is to already employ top talent. Smart people want to work with other smart people who help to maximize their abilities. LinkedIn serves as the perfect tool to size up the talent at your company and compare it to other opportunities they’re interested in.

Step 4: They Scan Your Social Media

By this time, the candidate should have a pretty clear idea of how your company works and how you position yourselves. After candidates check out your LinkedIn, they’ll check your other social media accounts too. Coordination between your marketing and recruiting teams is crucial here if recruitment marketing is a piece of your hiring strategy. Maintaining a strong social presence has proven to attract great candidates, and image is everything.

Step 5: You’re Going To Get Googled

Did your company just conclude a huge merger? Do you have any current lawsuits? Did you make earnings last quarter? If your company is making headlines, candidates who do their homework will know. Make sure your organization is spotlighting recent achievements and providing updates on recent news, so candidates can hear it straight from your company’s mouth.

If it all checks out, and at no point did the candidate decide to turn back, that means it’s time for…

The Destination: APPLY!

You got them! Smart candidates collect all the information they can about your company before they apply. If your team has these five stops covered and looking sharp, top talent is going to flow into your pipeline — which means more quality hires down the road.

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