Recap: Candidate Experience Breakfast Event with Hired

Posted by Ryan Frazier

Recently, we co-hosted a Candidate Experience Breakfast with Hired to talk about how companies are tackling [and the impact of] this very important topic. After enjoying some breakfast and networking with talent acquisition peers, our panel kicked off with Ed Frankel, Senior Vice President, Director of Talent Acquisition, Omnicom, Jake Grossman, Senior Technical Recruiter, SeatGeek and Will Alexander, Manager, Customer Success - North America, HIRED. 

Check out this quick highlight reel of the event:

HubSpot Video


It was a very interactive session that covered a range of CX topics. Here are a few highlights from the event:

How do you leverage Candidate Experience to build your company's reputation?

  • Glassdoor Ratings are key. Make sure you share them, internally and externally to not only attract talent, but also engage and encourage current employees to rate and comment too!
  • Tracking your NPS score is very important, and the only way you'll know how to improve your process and overall reputation.
  • Even if a candidate isn't the right fit for a specific roll, you can discuss a development plan or specific skills they need to acquire in order to help them become a fit for a future role. 

How do you handle internal no-shows for interviews by hiring managers, etc?

  • We implemented a system with my team, that if they are unable to make an interview it is their responsibility to find a suitable replacement. We no longer have to run around chasing people down to replace no-shows or day-of cancellations. 
  • We establish the importance of the interviews. If a hiring manager continues to no-show, I will meet with them and let them know that we will stop bringing candidates in and reprioritize other reqs if they cannot make time to interview.
  • Sometimes this can be due to HM's not feeling very comfortable with interviewing. I always make sure to train and up-skill my hiring managers to ensure they're comfortable with interviewing. After all, they got their job because they were good at just that - not being a recruiter.  

What do you think is the biggest challenge of Candidate Experience? 

  • Differentiating yourself in the process. Each candidate touchpoint matters. 
  • There's a lot of pre-work that's needed by your team. Helping them understand the importance of setting up the process before you even post a job is critical. 
  • Personalization. You need to understand what is most important to your candidates and what they need to know throughout the process, utilizing automation but remembering to humanize the experience.

Want to watch the full panel? Click here to download the full panel to help you transform your Candidate Experience in 2020. 

Photography and Video by IMI.NYC


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