3 Ways To Effectively Build Your Talent Pipeline

Posted by Danielle Weinblatt

It's important to keep your talent pipeline full of great quality candidates as you grow your team. Engaging top prospects will shorten your recruitment cycle and is a good way to stay ahead in the competitive War for Talent.

Building a strong talent pipeline can seem difficult to accomplish, but with a bit of effort, it's easy enough and the results will surly be worth it. Make it a part of your weekly routine, schedule time in your calendar and make it a point to meet new people within your industry.

Here are three things you should be doing to build up your pipeline:

Direct Outreach.

Use LinkedIn, blogs and Twitter to target some of your top prospects. Consider upgrading your LinkedIn account and join relevant groups so that you will be able to send in-mail or have access to their contact information. However, avoid the hard sell and instead consider passing along an interesting article or ask them a question. This will open the lines of communication and you can further correspond about open opportunities at your organization.

Leverage Your Networks.

Collegiate and Professional affiliations can be a great way to fill your pipeline. These affiliations will open an conversation help you build relationships, as you already have something in common. Don’t limit this to just your own network, be sure to have your team also scout within their own networks, and to make it worth it -- set up a great referral program.

Host Events.

Consider having a monthly happy hour or open house to invite area professionals into your company and publicize the events via social media and a curated email list. Other great events that can draw talent include speakers, hack-a-thons and Meetups. These events will allow others to get a sense of your company and its culture. Also encourage your employees to attend, and, if possible, do your research on the attendees so you can introduce them to the right people within your organization.

Getting into a routine and building your pipeline will result in higher quality candidates that will sure to result in top hires.

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