Top HR Podcasts For Recruiters And Talent Acquisition Leaders

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The world of Talent Acquisition is always changing. That means HR professionals need to keep up to speed with the latest tips and tricks to improve their hiring process.

Learning is now easier than ever. Just plug in a podcast and you’re good to go!

We’ve put together a list (in alphabetical order) of some of our favorite HR podcasts you can listen to on your ride to work, during lunch hour, or whenever you’re ready to learn on-the-go.


Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, or CIPD, is a Human Resources development organization based out of London, England. This podcast tackles a number of issues, from emerging HR technologies, to training your HR staff and fostering diversity.

The Chad and Cheese Podcast

Hosted by Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman "The Chad and Cheese Podcast" takes a look at the latest news in the HR industry, offering up insights and analysis with a candid, conversational tone. New podcasts typically come out once a week. ConveyIQ’s recent rebrand was featured earlier this month -- you can check that out here. 

DriveThru HR

DriveThru HR is the perfect listening buddy for your lunch break. Airing at 12 p.m., hosts William Tincup, Nisha Raghavan, Crystal Miller Lay and Michael VanDervort sit down with industry leaders for discussions on topics like company culture, talent acquisition, HR tech and hiring strategy.

HRExaminer Radio Hour

HR Examiner, an independent analyst firm focusing on HR Tech research, offers three shows highlighting developing trends and corporate leadership:

HRx Big Ideas Radio: HR Examiner Principal Analyst John Sumser sits down with industry leaders from a diverse set of backgrounds who are working to shape the future of talent acquisition and technology. You can catch HRx Big Ideas Radio on Wednesdays.

HRExaminer Radio Executive Conversations: Sumser sits down with corporate leaders in the HR industry for conversations on leadership, what they’ve learned, and tips on what works at their organizations. Check this boradcast out on Fridays.

HR Tech Weekly: This is HR Examiner’s weekly recap on the latest news in HR Tech, hosted by Sumser and Editorial Advisory Board Contributor Stacey Harris. You can catch these recaps on Thursdays.

HR Happy Hour

This popular podcast, hosted by HR Tech Conference Co-Chair Steve Boese and HR Executive Trish McFarlane, tackles topics like recruiting, company culture, compliance, technology, and current events. With around 300 episodes and a roster of top industry guests, there’s definitely something for everyone.

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HR Latte

In this podcast, Dovetail Marketing VP Rayanne Thorn tackles issues in talent acquisition and recruiting with industry leaders with a variety of different backgrounds. Past series have looked into recruiting in the healthcare industry, HR Tech, fostering diversity, and creating a positive company culture.

The Recruiting Animal

The Recruiting Animal is described as the “rowdy recruiting and career show.” This ain’t your typical talent acquisition podcast. As RecruitingDaily describes, The Recruiting Animal has a “bold, brash and unapologetic” voice -- one that has resonated with the HR community since he launched the show in 2007.

The RecruitingDaily Podcast

RecruitingLive features thought leadership on a scope of topics from Bill Boorman, Matt Charney, Christopher Kurtz, and Jeff Newman (just to name a few.) You can also check out the bi-monthly podcast Resonate with Jason Seiden, of BrandAmper, which focuses on employer branding, recruitment marketing and talent acquisition.

Your Career Cure Podcast

This is a fairly new podcast from career coach and “So What" Revolution founder Gail Tolstoi-Miller. While this podcast is geared more towards job seekers, it does feature great career advice from recruiting leaders, and some serious “horror stories” from candidates.

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