4 Benefits Of Asynchronous Video Interviewing: Why It Works

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Asynchronous video interviewing has become a popular choice for companies looking to save time and money during their recruiting cycle, and there are many options available.

When deciding which type of digital interviewing is best for your company, consider these benefits of asynchronous video interviewing:


Asynchronous video interviewing is convenient for both the hiring organization and the candidate. Simply set up an interview with your most important questions and send out invitations to candidates, they can respond on their own time. This is beneficial for recruiting passive candidates and candidates who are currently employed.


Asynchronous video interviewing allows you to make the hiring process more collaborative. Instead of having one hiring manager in charge of screening all of the candidates, you can have your more members of your team to review the candidates, provide comments, and give assessments. After reviewing the candidates, your team can decide the top candidates to move to the next round.

Cost & Time Savings

Asynchronous video interviewing will cut down on the amount of time screening candidates. In the time that it would take to screen one candidate during a 30 minute telephone screen, you could review 6-10 recorded video responses and reduce your screening time.


The EEOC came out with a letter that explains that video interviewing is complaint and that one must structure their recruitment and selection processes to be nondiscriminatory and to consistently focus on the job qualifications of all job seekers, regardless of technology or of the information available by virtue of that technology using recorded or asynchronous video interviewing.

Asynchronous video interviewing standardizes the recruitment process and allows you to ask all candidates the exact same questions in the same manner. Asynchronous video interviews can also be stored for over a year for record keeping compliance.

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