ConveyIQ Spotlight: A.I. & Talent Acquisition With Ninh Tran, Hiretual

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Ninh-TranA.I. is everywhere.

It’s one of the hottest topics in talent acquisition today: how will artificial intelligence, or A.I., impact the way companies organize their hiring process? At this point, there are still a lot of “unknowns” surrounding the technology -- with the biggest concerns focusing on how A.I. will change the way companies use data to make more informed hires.

There are, however, some companies that are beginning to use A.I. to produce real results. Take Hiretual, for example. Hiretual’s mission is to use A.I. to help recruiters source better candidates by providing advanced candidate sourcing improved by machine learning.

ConveyIQ sat down with Ninh Tran, co-founder at Hiretual, to discuss the role A.I. can play in talent acquisition now, and how companies can prepare for the future as emerging technologies continue to play a role in the industry.

ConveyIQ: How did your experiences as a recruiter pave the way for your role in HR Tech?

Tran: As a recruiter, I didn’t really have anyone to teach me, so I kind of discovered almost everything on my own. It was really fun. Eventually as the agency grew, I was hiring interns to take care of some of the hiring responsibilities that we couldn’t take care of. And that’s when I asked my team to create something that would help me with the recruiting process.

Hiretual was initially an internal tool -- one of our interns was actually one of the first people to use it to make placements without prior experience in IT or recruiting. He was able to use Hiretual successfully several times over, and that’s when we were like ‘wow, we actually built something that’s valuable -- let’s try to open it up for beta.’

ConveyIQ: How does A.I. play a role in talent acquisition now?

Tran: A.I. technology will help make a lot of automation smarter and more intelligent. We all know that A.I. would beat human in playing chess, or poker. It’s just that recruiting is so much more complicated than playing chess, there’s so much more going into it.

"Those sentient beings, the A.I. from science fiction that you and I would think of -- that’s very, very far away."

Those sentient beings, the A.I. from science fiction that you and I would think of -- that’s very very far away. But there’s very specific, target solutions like Hiretual that exist right now. Hiretual specializes in A.I. for sourcing. There’s also chatbots that use a lot of deep learning and natural language processing to help you as a recruiter to be more efficient when people are applying -- that can help in the candidate discovery stage.

ConveyIQ: Where do you think A.I is headed?

The sole purpose of technology is to make your life easier, to save you time, and to give you more information at your fingertips that’s actionable. So, you’re going from data overload to curated recommendations and actionable items. That’s what technology and A.I. will do for recruiting tomorrow.

ConveyIQ: How will A.I. change the way hiring organizations work?

Tran: There are ways that people can do it. For example, the best chatbots -- a real human writes all the content. So right now, the best sourcers need A.I,, and the best A.I. needs sourcers. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you.

"So right now, the best sourcers need A.I,, and the best A.I. needs sourcers. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you."

There’s two things that the role of recruiter will shift towards. It will be essentially become more high-touch, more human interaction, as well as more technological. Imagine that there would be a technology that would recommend you good conversation topics...and then give you reminders for you to keep in touch with a person and for you to keep your relationship on a deeper level with more people.

There’s going to be less and less administrative work - but then, admin work's not really recruiting. A lot of recruiters do a ton of admin work. They’ll still have to do it on a high level, but if technology is really effective, it’s really about you learning to trust it so you can focus on things of higher value. To me, building relationships a thing of higher value.

ConveyIQ: How soon is this change going to happen?

Tran: All this can really trigger fear and it’s kind of like a doomsday scenario -- it’s totally not. It’s really going to be a transition into change. Don’t be afraid, it’s not going to happen overnight. But you will see, there will be innovators and early adopters. Just make sure you’re one of those early adopters if you want to keep ahead of the curve.

ConveyIQ: What can hiring organizations do to prepare for the future of HR Tech?

Tran: Explore new tools, new technology -- always be on the edge, ahead of the curve. For example, our technology will give you the right recommendations for what you’re looking for, but your intimate knowledge of what a role needs will give you an advantage over everyone else using the technology. Then it’s about mastering the A.I. tools itself, and how to integrate these platforms into your process that will make you exponentially more productive in the long run.

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