Agile Hiring Strategies: 4 Tips For Finding Tech Talent

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Recruiting for tech companies can be competitive and challenging, even for the most seasoned recruiters and hiring managers.

Agile Methodologies are not just for software development. You can also include similar techniques in your recruiting efforts. Work to make your hiring process adaptive, efficient and effective, sustainable, and making changes when necessary.

Here are several agile hiring strategies recruiters can use to gain an edge.

Optimize your job posting.

Make sure that your job posting is SEO optimized and includes all the relevant information. This is the best opportunity to sell your company to candidates, so you’ll want to make sure to include information about the company, the culture, and the position. To save time, develop a standard model. This will allow you to save time by just updating the template with specific information about each position.

Publish and promote your opening.

Post on different boards for different positions. Choose the right board for the right position. Also make sure that update your company career site and have an easy way to accept resumes.

Attend Networking Events.

They will give you the opportunity to meet a lot of great candidates in a short amount of time, and set up further conversations. It’s like speed dating for candidates. For example, if your looking for a digital marketing strategist, consider going to related networking events in your area.

Screen Candidates Quickly.

Using a video interviewing platform like Convey for Interviewing will allow you to invite candidates to answer some of your most important questions in a fraction of the time of a phone screen and at their own convenience. We’ve found it to be best for customer facing roles, like sales, customer service, marketing and administrative positions at tech companies.

If you optimize your job posting, attend networking events, promote your position, and screen candidates quickly, you should be able to attract top talent in no time and have an offer out in record time.

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