Why You Need To Accept Applicant Feedback At Every Step Of The Hiring Process

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

At ConveyIQ, we are massive supporters of accepting applicant feedback throughout all the stages of the hiring process. You may take input from your applicants once they are hired, but do you take the time to get feedback as applicants leave the hiring process? Today we are going to talk about the importance of taking feedback continuously.

There’s A Reason That Glassdoor Does So Well

When you think about the career landscape for the past decade or so, Glassdoor has been a massive part of it. In the past, we didn't have a ton of access to job reviews (or jobs outside of our immediate area for that matter.) Now we can get hundreds of reviews about working for a company instantly. These reviews help us make better career decisions and watch out for companies who might not have our best interest in mind.

Glassdoor, and sites like it, help our potential employees make informed decisions about the company culture we create. In fact, according to a survey done by Glassdoor, 70% of people look to reviews before they make crucial career decisions.

The issue with Glassdoor? It's a passive way to get feedback that can be slightly detrimental to the growth of our companies. You can't stop someone from leaving a public review, but once it's public, it's out there.

Taking Feedback Helps Us Understand Where We Can Rise To The Occasion

Taking a proactive approach to feedback is critical if you want to make genuine progress with applicant feedback. When you take the time to ask for feedback, you give your applicants a platform to air their grievances privately.

We know that bad news travels further than good news, so a bad public review can truly hurt your company.

Giving everyone a platform to speak may deflate some of the anger/hurt that your potential employees felt during the interview process.

When you get feedback privately, you can address the input, change your application process appropriately, and build a bridge for those applicants to apply at a later date.

Most Companies Only Take Feedback From People Who Are Hired

Someone who is hired will have a completely different experience from someone who didn't cut it. More than likely, an applicant who is employed will remember the experience with a rosier tint. It doesn't mean you can't get honest feedback from someone who is hired, but your new employee is going through a great time in their career right now. They are more focused on the new job they just got and less focused on the experiences they had to get that job.

To Truly Understand The Hiring Process, We Must Accept Feedback From The Entire Hiring Experience

So, if we want to get the full range of experiences, we need to ask our applicants as they leave the hiring experience. What did your applicants think if they just got a chance to fill out an application? What if they got to the phone interview? Do they have a different experience if they got to the first or second round of in-person interviews?

Once we start receiving this feedback and acting on the most pressing issues discovered, we can create an experience that more perfectly represents our company. You can't be afraid of the feedback that you may receive from asking. Once you know, your company can shift its hiring practices and grow as an employer. That's the most that applicants can request of companies.

All Applicants Have A Unique Story To Tell

Each applicant has a unique story. How they approached looking for a job, why they wanted to work for our company, et cetera. We have to encourage their unique story and meet them halfway.

When we ask for their feedback, we can keep a future of possibilities open instead of shutting their dreams down. We often overlook an employee, or they may not be an excellent fit for our current position, but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't apply to another one of our openings in the future.

Overall, we want to grow from each applicant that applies to one of our positions. That growth is key to creating a company with an excellent reputation for putting employees and applicants first.

One cool thing that will come from asking for feedback is that you will likely be a leader amongst your fellow employers. The truth remains that most employers don't ask for input during the process; you will stand out for that reason alone.

ConveyIQ Allows You To Take Feedback Every Step Of The Way

One of the many awesome things about using our platform is the analytics and feedback section. You can track candidate satisfaction and quickly send your applicants a link to your candidate feedback survey as you send out your emails or texts removing them from the applicant journey.

Asking for this feedback in an automated fashion saves your team time, but also gives them the ability to sit down with the feedback you receive to make changes to your companies hiring process. Your team gets the best of both worlds (feedback without adding too much to their workload), and your applicants can air their grievances more directly.

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