A Focus On Diversity Hiring Goes Far Beyond Recruiting Teams

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

Many recruiting teams are focused on diversity hiring in today’s workplaces, but the truth is, diversity hiring goes far beyond just the recruiting team. It even goes beyond Human Resources departments.
To successfully implement and execute on a plan to hire or promote more diverse workers, the entire company needs to be on board with any and all efforts made.

What Is Diversity Hiring

At its core, diversity hiring is pretty similar to any other type of hiring plan. It’s a precise effort made to hit hiring goals and targets as established by the recruiting leaders at an organization.
It’s wildly different from any typical hiring plan, though, in that it uses specific demographic data at the company to take special care and intent on hiring candidates from a variety of backgrounds. Diversity hiring is inclusive of race, gender, disabilities, religion, sexual orientation and other personal characteristics that make people unique, yet don’t relate to job performance.

Why Diversity Hiring Is Important

Recruiters and hiring managers want to hire the best people for the job. That’s no surprise. But it’s even better to hire candidates who will be contributors and bring new ideas and perspectives to the teams they’re joining.

That’s where diversity shines! A more diverse workforce helps teams understand a more holistic view of the market and better address needs of that market. Differing backgrounds create a breeding ground for new ideas and collaboration that a homogeneous group of employees just cannot provide.

Successful Diversity Hiring Requires Effort From The Entire Company, Not Just Recruiting Departments

Clearly, a more diverse workforce has serious positive impacts on the entire organization. Employee engagement and retention improve drastically. There are so many more important voices involved in business decisions.

So it shouldn’t be the task of one department or team to focus on this effort. That’s because company culture is so critical to diversity hiring, and company culture is a collective effort.
Many candidates ask recruiters, first and foremost, to describe company culture during interviews. It’s a chance for candidates to get a glimpse of the environment they may be joining.

It’s hard to attract diversity hires when your company culture doesn’t reflect a diverse workforce, though.
To improve company culture in the name of diversity hiring, try taking these steps and measures.

  • Make the company’s environment something appealing to the demographics and individuals you’re striving to hire. Show accessibility options around the office, highlight your unique workers and share team outings to socially conscious events.
  • Learn from your current workforce. Surveys are a fantastic way to gauge current thoughts and opinions and gather new ideas for culture improvement. Getting a base level of employee sentiment around culture and diversity is a good start to making improvements!
  • Create strong mentorship programs and allow candidates to meet with potential mentors during the interview process. Mentorship programs allow for more minorities or diverse individuals to step into leadership roles. Candidates who see these leaders and can meet their potential mentors can have greater interest and trust in joining a team.
  • Show your values and interest in diversity online. Social media, careers pages, blogs, webinars and company event participation should reflect an open mind and involvement in various communities.
  • Participate in community service efforts. Giving back to the community is great for team building and showing a positive tone at your company. It can work to improve culture as your company participates in more diverse projects and events that reflect the interests of current employees and interests in diversity.
  • Getting down to basics, stock up your kitchen or snack room with a variety of diets in mind. It seems silly, but this speaks volumes to people who identify with different eating needs.
  • Celebrate atypical holidays in the office. These can range from quirky hashtag holidays to events and holidays celebrated by different cultures or groups of people. It helps people feel included and educates current employees! 

Taking A Leap In The Right Direction

Diversity in any workplace really takes root in its employees and current structure, so a focus solely on diversity hiring won’t be effective until a culture of diversity is fostered and maintained across all departments in a company.  The first steps to make a change are to recognize a need for diversity and any problems at hand with accomplishing culture shifts.

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