5 Ways to Transform Candidate Experience in 2019

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

When it comes to job-seeking pain points, most candidates agree: ineffective communication and a clunky application process are likely to make them lose interest. In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 69% of candidates will abandon a job application if it takes more than 20 minutes to complete. And of those who do complete the application process, 55% are likely to lose interest if they haven’t heard back within two weeks.

So what’s the key to attracting top talent and keeping candidates engaged throughout the hiring process? Transparency and communication are a great start, but a few key strategies could help you elevate the talent journey even further and get the hires you want. Here are some tips for implementing them.

Be transparent about the hiring process

Clearly-outlined job requirements, salary ranges and benefits are among the top things candidates look for. In fact, 44% of job seekers say that transparency about pay and benefits are major factors in determining the potential of an employer, and providing this information up front will ensure that you’re on the same page as your talent pool from the beginning. Another thing to consider? Outlining a structure for what the hiring process will look like — including the number of interviews each candidate will go through and the interview format — can go a long way toward alleviating candidate anxieties and ensuring that they won’t lose interest. In addition to keeping candidates engaged, this type of transparency is a great way to show that you’re passionate about being authentic with your employees and build a strong employer brand.

Communicate effectively with candidates

Between scheduling interviews, conducting phone screens and sourcing candidates, hiring departments are often stretched thin and job seekers can get lost in the shuffle. Yet most candidates consistently cite effective communication as the number one way that recruiters can keep them engaged throughout the hiring process, and not doing so could cost you in the long run. According to a recent HR Technologist report, 80% of job seekers say that they would not re-apply to a company that didn’t notify them of their application status, vastly reducing the potential talent pool for future job openings. That’s where an automated solution can help. Using a candidate engagement platform can ensure that you’re able to keep candidates up to speed without added effort, and make the hiring process up to three times faster by reducing the need to process applications manually. What’s more, since an automated platform provides a unified solution for your communication — including text messages and email — it makes it easy to stay on top of previous conversations and effectively close the loop with each candidate.

Implement clear hiring timelines

Most recruiters can remember losing a talented candidate because they were on a different timeline or weren’t kept in the loop regarding timing, so knowing where your candidates stand and setting clear expectations is important. If things stall or the timeline changes, it’s important to update them as soon as you’re able to do so. According to Brendan Browne, the head of global recruiting at LinkedIn, the best way to do this is by detailing the steps you need to take, from posting the job to sending out the final offer. Then, assign a timeframe to each step. This will help ensure that you set an achievable timeline and that you’re able to pivot if anything changes. In addition to setting expectations from the start, having a clear timeline can go a long way toward minimizing drop off and keeping your top candidates in the mix.

Develop streamlined applications

Job seekers often complain about clunky online application systems that can take up to an hour to complete. Even more frustrating is the fact that many of these systems leave candidates feeling like their applications end up in a black hole never to be seen again. Taking the guesswork out of applying for roles by providing candidates with a quick and easy way to submit their resume will not only ensure that you’re able to access a wider pool of applicants, it will also create a great user experience from the start.

Provide a personalized approach

With AI-informed technologies on the rise, consumers are increasingly becoming used to personalized products and job seekers are no different. Being able to provide candidates with a truly customized experience can go a long way toward boosting engagement and helping you stand out from other employers. Since 76% of employees expect to receive a personalized email from an employer acknowledging that they received their application, offering a personalized experience can make a big difference when it comes to how employees view a potential employer. What’s more, according to HR Technologist, companies with an engaging onboarding program retain 91% of their first-year workers, cutting down on turnover and helping to create a strong relationship with their teams.

With industry shifts and new tech solutions constantly reshaping the candidate experience, implementing these strategies can ensure that you’re providing a personalized journey for your candidates and getting the hires you want.

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