5 Ways To Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions At Work

Posted by The ConveyIQ Team

“New year, new me.” It’s a mantra we often hear when a new year rolls around and people set resolutions for their work and personal lives.
But we all know too well that these resolutions and goals are quickly ditched mid-February and forgotten about the rest of the year. Often, this happens because goals and change are scary, seemingly unattainable, inconvenient, or boring.
While resolutions may not always be fun, they lead to positive changes and more enjoyable living – including your time at work.
Here are some tips to stay committed to your resolutions at work for a brighter company future:

Set Measurable, Achievable Goals For Yourself and Your Team

The beginning of the year can be overwhelming as companies set hefty targets for the year and even begin early planning for the following year.
All these larger company goals trickle down to each department. That means your department will have to create a plan of action to help the company attain their desired outcomes. And, you’ll have to start working on that plan ASAP.
This can all be a lot to take in on top of the usual tasks of your job, plus any personal resolutions you’ve created for yourself. Rather than take these company goals verbatim, break them down into digestible objectives for the team. These objectives should ultimately reach your company’s goals, but should have measurable attributes and specific actions so everyone can contribute.

Monitor Your Progress 

It's one thing to set a goal, but it’s another thing to know if you’re actually making progress. Start by asking questions. 
After asking questions to further define your goal, you’ll have a better understanding of the metrics you’ll need to track. This may require investing in some new tools for the team or leveraging what’s already at your fingertips. Regardless, you’ll have a better understanding of where you stand at any moment.
On top of monitoring your progress, make this fun and visible. Posters, whiteboard dashboards, or "goal thermometers" in the office can keep everyone on track.

Don’t Get Discouraged

There will be inevitable speed bumps and roadblocks on your journey to success. It’s crucial that even through mistakes or rough spots that you and your team remain positive and driven.
If something doesn’t go completely as planned, evaluate why it happened and what you can improve moving forward to avoid this in the future. This should be a time for open communication without blame or negativity. That way, your team can have honest conversations and make serious changes when needed.

Periodically Remind Yourself Why These Goals Are Important

Whether you are working to create a more diverse workforce or update your careers page, it’s important to think of how you're contributing to the overarching company goals. Why are these initiatives important to the company?
Goals to increase profits or to reduce turnover can have a big impact at the company and department level. This might all mean more employee benefits and incentives or higher recognition in your industry. Whatever the ripple effect may be from achieving your company goals, you’ll most definitely feel positivity in your department!
It's also crucial to reflect on this throughout the year, not just when you're setting goals initially. Otherwise, work can lack drive or motivation, which makes performance suffer.

Establish and Foster a Positive Environment

If you’re going to work toward goals as a team, everyone needs an environment where they feel supported and motivated to work toward these goals.
Ensure tasks are distributed evenly amongst team members so people don’t feel left out or overwhelmed. Offer an open ear for collaborative discussions and new ideas. Be encouraging.
This is where you can get really creative to set goal incentives and new office traditions that will help everyone feel inspired.

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