Talent Communication Platform That Complements Any ATS

With ConveyIQ’s Talent Communication Platform, recruiters can spend more time sourcing top talent and less time on administrative tasks. Recruiters can just manage candidates using their existing Applicant Tracking System and ConveyIQ handles the rest.

Email & SMS Communications

Send the right message to the right candidate at the right time without having to remember to hit send. ConveyIQ’s Communication Platform makes it simple to deliver engaging emails and text messages that your candidates will remember and appreciate.

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Digital Interviewing

Screen and review a high volume of candidates more efficiently by sending them your most important questions to answer via on-demand text or video interviewing. It’s the easiest way to give a candidate the chance to be more than a resume.

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Interview Scheduling

Save time and end the back-and-forth by automating interview scheduling. Our smart interview scheduling software is built specifically for recruiting, whether you need to book one-on-one, group, or back-to-back interviews. Be more efficient and spend more time closing top talent and less time scheduling interviews.

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Analytics & Feedback

You can’t improve unless you measure it. Most talent acquisition teams have processes, but sometimes they are difficult to follow, resulting in inefficiencies across the hiring process. Put an end to it with ConveyIQ Analytics, which will clarify your metrics and help you measure candidate experience.

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How Convey Works

Watch the video below and see for yourself!

When you are trying to attract great people to your company, the hiring journey simply does not end once they apply. It is only the beginning! The Convey platform is specially designed to deliver a truly authentic and personalized experience from the point of apply all the way to onboarding, even if they are not moving forward in the process. This level of engagement prevents top candidates from
falling out of the hiring process (the “black hole”) or even going to a competitor.

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Robert Banovic – Talent Team Manager
Philz Coffee

We need the wow factor in the moment…that was a one shot deal. We want them to remember the experience. Our goal is to become a first class recruiting team. Attentive communication process separates us from the others. What’s happening is that candidates are more engaged throughout the process because they are communicated with more often and recruiters are actively moving candidates along.”

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